Fundamentals of Bliss: 5 Amazing Ways to Love Yourself

Let me be frank. You must forgive the mother who neglected you, The father who abandoned you, the family friend who molested you, the lover who abused you in any way possible, and the friend who betrayed you, and you've got to do it now! You have to do it because the longer you hold them responsible for your current situation, the longer you put your life on hold. You are living in a personal prison, and it's time to be freed.

Life After Loss: Understanding the Grieving Process

With so many people (some of whom are very dear to my heart) losing family members recently, I feel compelled to offer some support, and comfort.  I wanted to go well beyond a post on my friends' Facebook walls, or dropping by the funeral parlor to express my condolences.  What I'm about to say will … Continue reading Life After Loss: Understanding the Grieving Process

Who’s Draining Your Batteries?

Sometimes in life, we trudge along aimlessly, waiting on other's approval in order to make crucial decisions.  I am guilty as charged! Last week however, I stumbled upon this profound, but common sense tweet from Joel Osteen: Now, I wonder... must we be tuned into certain "channels" at a particular time in our lives … Continue reading Who’s Draining Your Batteries?

Self Sabotage: The Underlying Causes

Often, we do and say little things that hinder our own growth and success.  It's not intentional, however.  In my post, "Emotional Abuse: Identifying the Signs, Breaking the Cycle," I briefly discussed a condition called learned helplessness. It's actually amazing that as I began searching for information to help me better convey the subject matter … Continue reading Self Sabotage: The Underlying Causes