Self Promotion: How Much is Too Much?

I am in desperate need of a publicist today-and not a moment later. This is a serious plea for some hired help. I read an article in Time Magazine, written by Kevan Lee titled, The Art of Self-Promotion on Social Media. He suggests that only a small percentage of your social media posts should be … Continue reading Self Promotion: How Much is Too Much?

Facing The Jezebel Spirit in The Workplace

Do you suspect that there is spiritual warfare at work? Is everything going haywire for no apparent reason? Look no further than the Jezebel Spirit. If you are a spiritual person, the breeding ground may be the energies your co-workers are emitting. So, be sure to put on the armour of God everyday before you enter those doors.

What Kind of Leader are You? A Cage-Buster’s Perspective

I am attending the AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) Summer Institute this week in Dallas, Texas. It's been a long ten days just before the trip, so I am excited to be here, yet mentally drained. In the Leadership-Advancement strand, and I've gained much insight about AVID implementation, school-wide. My biggest takeaway so far isn't … Continue reading What Kind of Leader are You? A Cage-Buster’s Perspective

Narcissists: 3 Reasons They’re Attracted to You

The terms narcissist or narcissism are not very common in these parts. We refer to such people as "arrogant", "stuck on themselves", "conceited", or "all about self." It's much deeper than that. There is a name for controling, manipulative, and down right crazy-making people: Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

Be Unapologetically YOU!

I Struggled to Get Here I've always heard a magical story about how I came into this world. Probably designed to miss me with any traumatic stress, the tales were always simple. One morning, your cousin went over to check on your mom, and she was in labor (no one in the entire family even … Continue reading Be Unapologetically YOU!

Push Forward

I remember a certain player I coached once. I thought she was the epitome of the model child. I gave her glowing accolades in front of her parents one day however, and her head dropped. With that, so did my heart. She was embarrassed. Not being used to being appreciated for her goodness by those … Continue reading Push Forward