Sistanomics – A Podcast about Women’s Topics

sistanomicsWelcome to the home of the upcoming Podcast Show, Sistanomics! It’s a podcast about African American women’s issues: relationships, society, politics, hair care, women’s health, and surviving love and loss.

So What’s the Plan?

I came up with the name of the show because it allows me to have a close connection with my mother. In 1984, she launched one of the first non-profit organizations in Northeastern NC; the “Center for Women’s Economic Alternatives.” So, Women = Sistas, Economics = Nomics. Get it?

Anyhoo, I plan to get together with a bunch of my zany girlfriends to chop it up the way we always do, but with the recorder on! I’m very passionate about women’s issues and it’s time to share that passion with the world!

Cohosts and bios coming soon!
sistanomics podcast mic