Who’s Draining Your Batteries?

Sometimes in life, we trudge along aimlessly, waiting on other’s approval in order to make crucial decisions.  I am guilty as charged! Last week however, I stumbled upon this profound, but common sense tweet from Joel Osteen:

Now, I wonder… must we be tuned into certain “channels” at a particular time in our lives for advice to sink in?  I’ve always known that negativity breeds negativity.  Somehow though, this tweet struck me like a bolt of lightening!  I no longer intend to allow anyone’s cynicism to deter me from doing what’s best for me.  Neither should you!

For the sake of being cynical about cynics, the questions I must ask myself are:

  • Will the nay-sayers be in my corner when I falter?
  • When I am sick, will my critics help me get well?
  • When I am down, will they help pull me up again?
  • When I struggle financially, will anyone lend a helping hand?

Let’s take a look at the definition of a cynical from Dictionary.com (Click to enlarge).


Take a moment and perform a mental inventory of the people in your life.  Everyone may display some pessimism from time to time. Beware that your affiliations with such people may stifle your own growth!  I am not suggesting that you “unfriend” the cynical people in your life.  Just recognize the tendency in them and keep them at a safe distance. Lastly, make sure you are not cynical to others.  Work on positive thoughts and positive sayings.  Overall, it will lead to a healthier, better you!

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