I’m So Blocked, I Can’t Even Title This Post

And….We’re BACK! Being blocked is like wanting to speak but you cannot – like psychogenic stuttering! In the past six months, I’ve had writer’s block, photographer’s block, and televised basketball watcher’s block. I can’t even bear to watch The Young and The Restless right now. I’m just plain BLOCKED! I could go on. I’m a jack of all trades who happens to be a blogger, and that is a huge problem when it comes to creating content that speaks to a specific audience.

I never know in which direction to take The Social Juggernaut. Since “The Cost of Tenacity“, I’ve departed from the fame and stardom of being an overnight technology specialist (sensation), to a science teacher and varsity girls’ basketball coach (for the third time). I pondered writing a weekly blog, chronicling our journey to a 25-2 record this season. However, I haven’t felt an ounce of exuberance to convert the Social Juggernaut again, tailored to yet another trade-coaching basketball; and I won’t. Not this time.

Initially, this was a self-help/personal memoir blog. Then, I transitioned away from the heart-felt stuff to tech-tips and how-to’s. My fan base plummeted as a result, but I just needed to write about my current situation. I think what I’ll do is go back to my roots: writing about life, love and logic. Therefore, I’m canning the Tech Education section and storing it in the archives.

So stay tuned!


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