Ruby Jean: Gone But Not Forgotten

I received a surprising yet troubling message Monday night that Ruby Jean Wiggins, my first grade teacher passed away. Deaths always take me to my own mother's demise and the rush of emotions I still remember vividly. This event simply signified another torn page, dog-eared in my book of childhood memories. I remember her as Ruby … Continue reading Ruby Jean: Gone But Not Forgotten

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Prophetic Dreams Last week, I wrote about dreams and how troublesome they can be. In 1985, my mother had a dream which she shared openly for the next several days that I'll never, ever forget. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel bad inside because I was too young to understand what was happening and … Continue reading Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

The Mailbox

Everyone has memories of how they learned a lesson in etiquette THE HARD WAY. I've undoubtedly spent most of my life looking back on some things and feeling wronged, abused, or frankly traumatized by the ordeal. However, healing and understanding takes effect when you can finally look back and laugh. My grandmother didn't play, and … Continue reading The Mailbox

They Would Not Be Denied…

The decision by the executives at Tylon to refuse to sell the old machines to the workers created a need for additional funding. The second blow was one that I hate to even speak about, and it did not make the article (above). Now it is time to tell this part of the story!


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