What’s Wrong With Women? Mailbag Vol. 1

Welcome to this week's Mailbag! One reader wants to know, Whats wrong with women today? Lots of times, people don't feel comfortable posing questions publicly, neither in the blog comments nor on Facebook. They will however hit me in the inbox from time to time. The Problem With Women and the Point of Getting Married The following … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Women? Mailbag Vol. 1

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Nightmares After Divorce

Divorce Can Be a Real Nightmare I never truly realized how much healing I still have to do from my eleven years of matrimony. Unsettling nightmares after divorce, are tell-tale signs that there's still much work to do. Usually, it becomes apparent to me when I interact with friends dealing with the same issues. Other times, something … Continue reading Nightmares After Divorce