Screencasting Tools for 2014: The Flipped Classroom

Lots of teachers across America have inverted their classrooms, and have found tremendous success doing so. I'm here to tell you what tools they're using and where to find them. This post is also for those who still need convincing that 21st Century Learning encompasses much more than online research.

Go Wild With Social Media In The Classroom! Sort of…

I've got a couple of tools for you from that your little social media enthusiasts will love! So, let's take a traditional research paper/PowerPoint (substitution) assignment, and move it into the Modification/Redefinition levels of technology integration.

Top Tools for the Backchannel: Engage Students With Powerful Discussions!

For this lesson, we're going to take it up one level from the Substitution Level to the Augmentation Level of the SAMR model by using the Backchannel discussion strategy.

Twitter Basics for Educators

There isn't a conference around which does not host tweet chats during an event. There are loads of Twitter chats for education every night of the week. Alternatively, you can find lists of chats on everything from A to Z on Twubs. Learn more at!

What Academic Rigor Really Looks Like

Ahh, Rigor. The term that spews out of the mouths of American educators as if prompted by a microchip secretly inserted at the bases of our necks! It's heralded as the answer to the fall of education in recent years. I'm not sold on the assumption that everyone knows what rigor looks like in the … Continue reading What Academic Rigor Really Looks Like

5 Reasons Every Educator Should Blog

Blogging is so... Therapeutic! I blog because I've got a lot to say. I can write for hours on end and no one butts in, begs to differ, or tunes me out...on paper. The crazy thing is, blogging has unlocked a talent that I didn't even realize I had until recently. I was going through … Continue reading 5 Reasons Every Educator Should Blog

The Classroom Management Secret

What's My Job? Every educator's very first priority is to maintain a safe and orderly classroom (or school if you're a principal).  This comes well before teaching content, grading assignments, and serving cafeteria duty. Before we can begin to look at the importance of differentiation for diverse learners and strategic planning, common practices must be … Continue reading The Classroom Management Secret

Are Schools Losing the Social Media Race?

The thought recently occurred to me that in order to prepare our students for the future, school districts have to implement social media technology into the curriculum.  Recently, one of my eleventh grade anatomy students (we'll call him Andy) raised his hand to be acknowledged and said frankly, "Mrs. McCullough, you do know that today's … Continue reading Are Schools Losing the Social Media Race?