Digital Literacy: Climbing the Ladder, One Rung at a Time

Students at Bertie Early College High School are reluctantly taking the plunge into the blogosphere. We're also asking a few to ditch the old spiral pads and create digital notebooks. Among them are a few kids who can see the benefits of it, and are excited about what it means for their writing. I feel a bit like a dentist in some cases, but there's one young lady who is embracing the idea.

The Classroom Management Secret

What's My Job? Every educator's very first priority is to maintain a safe and orderly classroom (or school if you're a principal).  This comes well before teaching content, grading assignments, and serving cafeteria duty. Before we can begin to look at the importance of differentiation for diverse learners and strategic planning, common practices must be … Continue reading The Classroom Management Secret

Are Schools Losing the Social Media Race?

The thought recently occurred to me that in order to prepare our students for the future, school districts have to implement social media technology into the curriculum.  Recently, one of my eleventh grade anatomy students (we'll call him Andy) raised his hand to be acknowledged and said frankly, "Mrs. McCullough, you do know that today's … Continue reading Are Schools Losing the Social Media Race?