STEM In Rural Schools: What Kids Want Us To Know

Robotics Adds Value To Learning Outcomes

Bertie STEM High School Robotics Team Members (from LtoR): Trekell Scott, Jaikeim Mosely, Dashawn Hayes, Tyshawn Hayes

I walked into the media center at Bertie STEM High School in Windsor, North Carolina and saw the most beautiful thing: Children were making presentations to their peers about something great they learned, and the product they created! As Principal, Daphne Williams looked on, the presenters were all well versed in robotics, and were equally proficient in controlling its actions. I thought to myself, people need to know that there are some GREAT things going on in Bertie County! This district is among the lowest in the state socioeconomically, however students are reaping the benefits of a 1:1 environment on the high school level thanks to the Golden Leaf Foundation.

I caught up with a couple of the team members, Jaikeim Mosley and Kiani Strong, to ask a few questions about how Robotics has impacted their learning. Here’s what they had to say:

What interests you most about Robotics?

Jaikeim: I like building things. It’s something about building things that excites me!

Kiani: The fact that teens are building robots and the tasks that they can complete.

How has this project enhanced your learning this year?

Kiani: It has enhanced my learning because I look at things differently with all the possibilities.

Jaikeim: I would say that my problem solving and critical thinking skills have been enhanced because at the robotics competition, when something breaks, you have to fix it in order to keep competing.

Do you feel better prepared for the future because of Robotics?

Jaikeim: Yes, because life isn’t going to always going to go the way you want it. So when [you face a problem] you have to push through it.

Kiani: Yes. It has shown me new technology. I have met people from other countries, and it has taught me people skills.

What advice do you have for students and teachers about how children learn best?

Kiani: Children learn best through interactive activities that are hands-on and involving. Sitting there, being talked to, helps no one.

Jaikeim: I would say each student learns in their own way. (Translation: teachers, differentiate your instruction to meet all the needs of the children you teach).

So, here’s a shout out to the awesome Robotics team at BSHS, and the faculty members who guide their steps! Keep up the good work! Now, for my readers… Share this, follow the TechChick on Twitter and subscribe if you’re new here. Thanks for stopping by!

Jaikeim and Kiani
Jaikeim and Kiani


Jakeim Mosley is a senior at Bertie STEM High School. He plans to attend North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College in the fall. He aspires to be an Engineer.

Kiani Strong is junior at Bertie STEM High School. She plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She aspires to be a Neurosurgeon.

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