Mindfulness: Meditating Changed My Life

What is Mindfulness?

girl-meditating-mindfulnessMeditating was one of many topics tossed around with a lifelong friend a few months back. We went on and on about mindfulness and soon, she put me on to the ever-growing art of mindfulness. At first, it all sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. As the conversation progressed, I struggled to navigate through her words about the benefits of just centering myself and concentrating on the voice of God. First of all, I had to wrap my mind around actually getting my brain to get quiet. In addition, I was skeptical from the start. Just the thought of this mindfulness malarkey caused everything in my Southern Baptist upbringing to bring forth the voices that had infiltrated my head over the years:

“Girl, you got to pray that spirit of depression away!”

“You need to get back in the church!”

“Where is your faith in the Lord?”

Almost instantly, I realized that those voices were the crux of my problem! I decided that what happened next, would all depend on my desired outcome. Therefore I sought out to learn to recognize the sound of God’s voice, so I can hear exactly what it is that he wants me to do.

So, I gave it a try! I meditated each night before bed for two months with the aid of some YouTube videos and my favorite headphones. Needless to say, the results were amazing!

Mindfulness Has Payed off:

  1.  I’ve begun to feel more grounded. I feel more in touch with my surroundings. I realize and accept what my purpose is in life.
  2. I am comfortable in my skin. I like what I see in the mirror. Hence, I love myself more than ever. Other people’s opinions and judgements matter less and less each day.
  3. My levels of productivity have skyrocketed. Since, I’ve rearranged my furniture, thrown out old clothes and other items I haven’t touched in years decades! Getting up early in the morning hurts much less, do to the fact that I sleep much better after meditation. I’ve actually published 12 blog posts in two months, whereas that’s almost 50% of my yearly average. I’ve found energy from places unknown, and it has been so refreshing!
  4. I have developed a more loving heart, thankfully. As a result, giving to others feels less strenuous and much more fulfilling than before. That giving includes being a good listener, and generally helping others, even when it isn’t necessarily convenient for me (huge milestone).
  5. I speak and write with more confidence. I found that I’m not wasting time searching for the right words as much as anymore.
  6. My intuition is stronger than ever, and I’ve learned to trust it. The nagging feelings we get are there for a reason. I’ve learned to listen and make decisions that feel right to me, without polling my friends and family.
  7. I feel a stronger connectivity to God. Thus, my spirituality has grown so much. As I result, I am aware that I’m essentially connected to something much bigger than myself.

Different Types of Meditations for Mindfulness

One of those may work for you!

How Mindfulness Moved Me Forward

I recently left my job in the Bertie County school system. It was shocking and likely confusing to some. However, I understand. It was a secure job, therefore the risk was low. In addition, I had an unbelievably awesome basketball season this year at 25-2. What was the problem? Mostly, it kept me operating within the safe zone – The Hertford – Bertie corridor that only the brave souls dare to leave. It was time to change some things. I began to soul-search daily for my purpose. Ultimately, I asked God to show me what I’m really supposed to be doing in life.

What’s probably the biggest benefit for me is that the pain a grief from my divorce began to subside. The blame shifting and anger lifted, and peace fell upon me. When two people don’t belong together, they just don’t. Period.

If you don’t believe me, here are some helpful links that may convince you. Enjoy!

Mindfulness helps with depression: A New Study from Psychology Today

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Mindfulness: Awaken to a life of purpose and presence: Learn from the Guru Himself – Eckhart Tolle




4 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Meditating Changed My Life

  1. Okay, I love, love, love this! Thanks so much for yet another insightful blog. These are very interesting points. I too find myself on a similar journey and I appreciate a blog that I can relate to!


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