Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Take Control of Your Personal Growth

A personal learning network (PLN) consists of the people someone interacts with and learns from. Where those encounters take place is called a personal learning environment (PLE). My PLN consists of the people I see face-to-face, all of my “tweeps” on Twitter, the creators of the video channels I follow on YouTube, the authors of the pages I “Like” on Facebook, and so on. The people who share that valuable information are a part of my PLN. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are components of my PLE. Get it?

Why Your Personal Learning Network Matters

Personal learning Network
Components of a Personal Learning Environment
  • Digital collaboration for learning is very popular this day and age. Therefore, educators must take responsibility for their own professional growth. Taking time to fully develop your (PLE) and your (PLN) is tantamount to attending state conferences, local workshops, and edcamps.
  • You can acquire almost any skill or bit of knowledge you so desire with a just a little searching. It won’t take the place of a formal certification or degree, but you learn from various blogs, tutorial videos, certain hashtags on Twitter, or innovative ideas and resources on Pinterest and Facebook. 
  • Above all, own the word, personal. Some believe that it is learning that pertains to matters outside of work. Not so. It is learning that belongs to YOU. You prescribe it, by your means, and consumed in your time.

Components of a Personal Learning Environment is an interactive graphic that will take you to the websites for each icon you see on the poster. Even more, there are endless tools at your disposal all over the web. In order to maximize your learning opportunities, you must be aware of all of the possibilities afforded to you in your digital world. Your PLE is your own collection of spaces from which you seek knowledge, to stay on the cutting edge of your craft.

For instructions on how to set up your personal learning environment, read 10 Ways To Boost Your Personal Learning I.Q.




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