The Separation



I sat patiently, in my hospital gown, on the examining table waiting.   It had been a few  years since I had been inside this office, or seen her. Moving to Roanoke Rapids meant I had to leave the comfort of her smile and gentle way.   So, I sat there excited about reconnecting with my Ob Gyn.

When she walked in I was surprised to see how slender and young she looked.  Wow! She looked completely different, I thought to myself.  She had to have lost at least 100 lbs. and she looked great.   Chilling in her t-shirt and scrub bottoms, she smiled and we began chatting.    As we chatted, and caught up, she pulled me out of my own inner thoughts when she asked, “How’s your husband doing?”   Of course she would ask. I don’t know why I wasn’t prepared.  After all, she patiently coached him in the delivery room…

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