Self Promotion: How Much is Too Much?

I am in desperate need of a publicist today-and not a moment later. This is a serious plea for some hired help.

I read an article in Time Magazine, written by Kevan Lee titled, The Art of Self-Promotion on Social Media. He suggests that only a small percentage of your social media posts should be about your business. I immediately went through my timelines to see what my ratio was. Surprisingly, I am well within the guidelines of actually interacting with my friends on Facebook and Instagram, but not Twitter. Though, I do tend to try to play catch-up on Facebook after long droughts. Sigh…

img-1865.jpgThe truth is, I totally suck at self-promotion and it’s killing my business, my career, and my undying desire to get out of small-town USA. Others are posting their work or blog posts on social media and I cringe because when I internalize the thought of doing so myself, I feel unworthy. I ask myself all too often,

“Well just who the hell are you?”

Yet, I wake up to the real world every now and then and realize that I have projects unseen, art not shown, and a barrage of talents kept to myself. Even in my professional world, I know exactly what I am capable of and the things I have accomplished. When the rubber meets the road however, no one else knows it sometimes, but me. It’s utterly exhausting.  Still, I must take time to handle my own promotions. It just feels better if someone else does it. That way, I won’t feel guilty for shamelessly plugging away on my part.

A photographer, a published author with a second title in the works, a YouTuber, blogger, podcaster, and public school employee, I feel overwhelmed with my doggone self. If you know anything about the knight of the dark soul, then you understand that one can only sustain that sort of pace but for so long.

No, this is not a covert attempt to promote myself. Rather it’s an advertisement that …I am hiring. Even that was difficult, but I left it there so you could catch my drift. Please email me at if you are interested. Talk to you soon!

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