Selling Teachers on Blogging: Back to the Drawing Board

Richard Byrne and The TechChic

Morning folks! I’m at NCTIES (Technology Conference) in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. I am proud to be attending a session facilitated by none other than THE Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) who writes the Free Technology for Teachers Blog. Seriously…he’s the guru of tech tools! I am a WordPress junkie, but I am open to for our teachers’ and students’ sakes. I’ve been the lone blogger in my district (mostly) for about five years, so it’s time to bring others on board.

Although I blog at Social Juggernaut, I am hoping to learn some selling points and strategies to sell this global strategy to the teachers I serve. Blogging and sharing are Augmentation and Redefinition level activities in the SAMR model that transform student-products from written, typewritten and emailed documents to beautiful posts that can be shared with the world!

Wish me luck, spread the word about this new space, and of course, follow me on Twitter (@jovan367)!

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