Even When They’re Not

Stuart’s impact felt far and wide!

Carolina Blues


If you watched the Louisville game Saturday, you know there’s a lot I could talk about. I could talk about how the best defense is a good defense, and how when you force turnovers and hold teams to stretches of five minutes without scoring, you give yourself key opportunities to make offensive plays on the other end of the floor. I could talk about how [my boy] Marcus is back, but you can read my previous blog post to learn how I feel about that. I could talk about the sweet taste of victory when it’s on the tip of your tongue—almost eluding you before it’s deliciously captured. Instead—and this might be an unpopular choice—I want to talk about Wednesday’s Notre Dame game. More importantly, I want to talk about Stuart Scott.

But I’ll indulge my unadulterated Louisville joy for a few minutes longer. My favorite games to win…

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