Yes, I’m a Bigamist, and Proud of It!

My name is Joan and I am a BIGAMIST. A professional athlete and a pop icon fought for the sole rights to my livelihood, totally unbeknownst to them! Married to inspiration from the two, I’ve been forever branded as a two-timer, but I only cheat with men named Michael.

What does it mean to be the greatest, and why do we all strive for it? Stardom? The media? Personal goals? Who knows? I can only tell you my story. The story of Michael: the juggernaut, and the king of pop (and of course, the archangel…that’s another post). How is it that Michael has inspired millions on so many levels?

There is no such thing as coincidence. Period. Everything happens for a reason, and the sooner we all realize this, the better. Recently, I took a moment to think about the three most influential worldly figures (besides my mother) in my life. There’s something inside of me that strives for greatness. We all should. However looking back, I have found some irony here. Let me take a moment to explain how Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson helped mold who I am today.

The Juggernaut

High school basketball, college basketball, and my coaching career are three distinct periods of my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My character, drive, charisma, and leadership abilities were founded there. At times, I felt like quitting. Sometimes I was on my last leg at crucial times in the game. The pressure was mounting, and because of the fear of failure, I wanted to come out. But two solid images helped me make it through: Mom’s smiling face when I promised to play in the first place, and accounts of determination, like watching Michael Jordan play through the flu and lead the bulls to a NBA Finals‘ game five victory versus the Utah Jazz in 1997. In my opinion, Michael Jeffrey Jordan was, is still today, and forever shall be, the greatest. Sure, if you put Jordan of ’97 on the court with LeBron of ’13, he’d be embarrassed. QUICKLY! That’s not the point. The likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have evolved from the Jordan, Chamberlain, Russel, Johnson eras. What I value most about Michael Jordan is the impact he had on the game in his time. Unless someone can take off from halfcourt and dunk the ball, nothing can dazzle me like MJ.

The King of Pop

I’ve never known of a stranger, more misunderstood, depressed individual. Or have I? The gift of immense talent often comes with a hefty price. Loving Michael Jackson most of my life is who I am. I embrace anyone who is different. I think often times we crucify others who are different. It goes back to the emancipation, civil rights, immigration, LGBT rights, and so on. We scorn people who are different because we don’t understand them. It’s easier to denounce someone than to take the time to truly get to know the person for who they really are. Aside from the FACT that Michael was the greatest entertainer to ever hit the stage, he was still just a man. He was a human being who hurt like any of us do. I can identify with that. The youngest of five brothers in a group, who had to elbow his way through the struggles, endlessly seeking the love and approval from Joseph, I can identify with that.  I must say, that the fruits of his labor was astounding. Michael may not have known that his music was a living ministry, I but I did. There’s nothing more powerful than an individual who’s used as an instrument for outreach.

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