FamilyHi!  I’m Joan.  If you’re like me, you are multifaceted but low on time.  This blog is a resource for people who hurt, need inspiration, and a laugh ever so often.   Join me in this journey and please visit often!

This blog was originally created to help complete a memoir about some compelling events that occurred in my life. You will see the world through the eyes of a child whose mother is suddenly ripped from her life.  She overcomes abuse, adversity, and trauma and mental illness in her quest for the ultimate goal… HAPPINESS. As the story develops, the photo above will simply come to life.

Additionally, I am a sports fanatic, educator, mother, and a recovering hopeless technoholic! Therefore, you will find other nuggets of info, and lot’s of my unsolicited opinions! Enjoy what you find here. Show yourself around  my blogosphere, subscribe and leave your valuable feedback.

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