21st Century Learning

This page is for the teacher who’s looking to access valuable resources for 21st Century Learning.  Click here for app reviews, testimonials, student and teacher spotlights, and strategies to best implement technologies that add value to students’ learning opportunities!

I recently realized  that I have trouble selling teachers on developing a strong PLN, because I have not shown them the components of a stable personal learning ENVIRONMENT (PLE). Your PLE is the tools and resources that you afford yourself to use technology to learn from the web and trusted sources. Then you simply exchange knowledge with other professionals both within and outside of your local area.

Web Based Tutorials

I’m in the process of moving the content from my tech website, teachertechk12.com to this space, but in the meantime, I’ll link out to it for your convenience. Below are links to tutorials and presentations on the said topics.

21st Century Learning

Blog Writing for Education
Project Based Learning
Writing to Learn with Backchannel Chatting
Evernote: Go Digital
Set Up Your Personal Learning Environment
Tweet Like A Boss
Google Apps
Twitter Basics for Educators


21st Century Tools

This is a webmix, powered by Symbaloo. It’s a neat tool that allows you to create a collection of links there, and paste an embed code into your website! So rather than posting a boring list of links, you can have a beautiful graphic with icon tiles instead! Click on any of the tiles and see where you end up! Even better, head on over to symbaloo and make one of these for yourself! Of course, make sure you subscribe to The Social Juggernaut before you go!


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