3 Chrome Extensions I Can’t Live Without

Check out a few extensions for Google Chrome to make your web life easier!


When web browsing, it’s a common thing to have too many tabs open at once. Well The folks at OneTab have the solution all figured out! Simply head over to your chrome store, add the extension and with one click, all of your tabs will be condensed into a list on a page under one tab. You can choose which tabs you want to reopen, which ones you want to delete, or even ones you want to revisit that you condensed last Thursday! The best thing about it (especially for PC users) is that it cuts down on the amount of RAM you’re using by up to 95%!


 Evernote Web Clipper

If you conduct lots of research on the web on a daily basis, sometimes you might reach a point of cognitive overload and have to store materials for later. Although there are scores of other bookmarking extensions and tools out there, you’ll love the way Web Clipper organizes annotated articles in Evernote. You can choose how to annotate: Only the article, just the written words with no media, the entire web page as-is, a bookmark, or a screenshot. Be sure to download both Evernote and the Evernote Web Clipper from the Chrome Store.

Evernote Web Clipper

Fabulous for Facebook

This isn’t really a do or die extension, it just makes me feel better inside whenever I use Facebook. I manage several school and auxiliary pages. Sometimes, I get lost in the sea of Facebook “Blue”. Fabulous is an extension that sits on the right side of the Omnibox (search/address bar) if Facebook is open in that tab. I can click on it and totally trick out my view !

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