Modeling The Power of Blogging

SAMR: From Substitution to Modification/Redefinition

2364304_origMeet Jon. He is a Social Studies teacher at Bertie (pronounced Bert-Tee) Early College High School in Windsor, North Carolina. He’s a consistent tech infuser, who was chosen to go with a group of us to the NCTIES conference just last month. He came away with some wonderful notes and information to share with his staff.

That’s the thing, though. What a wealth of knowledge there was in his email, and he shared with all of 12 people. I replied and thanked him for the recap and asked him to allow me to seize the teachable moment. Had Jon posted his information to a blog, and used his social media networks to share world-wide, he would have reached many more people, and maybe even gotten loads of feedback from other people in attendance. Take a look at what he shared:

BEC Staff,

Just wanted to share a few quick tips from the NCTIES Conference.  The theme was “Make it Personal”, so it was all about how do we attempt to connect with each student in our classes and how can we use technology to help students succeed?  Here is the online resource if you want to explore the many topics discussed at the conference.
–  If you have about 9 minutes I highly recommend taking a look at this video from Kevin Honeycutt.  He was the opening speaker and he really drives home the point of trying to reach kids and not being afraid to embrace technology in the classroom.  He is also pretty funny and a really engaging speaker.
–  3 Elements of a Personalized Learning Environment
   1.  Know the Learner (Learning Styles, Cultures, Learning Paces, Giving Students Guided Choice)
   2.  Guide with Standards (Knowing the Curriculum and Guiding Toward Mastery)
   3.  Flex the Environment (Student-Centered Atmosphere with the Physical and Digital Space In Mind)
–  Research has indicated that educational games can really benefit student learning.  Resources for educational games:  and
–  Remember that it is natural for the human body to stay in motion, so don’t expect students to sit perfectly still for 75 minutes.  How can you incorporate moving around in the classroom to student learning?
–  And maybe the most important tip from the conference was a quote by Maya Angelou to remind us that teaching is really all about relationships with students and trying to make a positive impact in their lives and help prepare them for their futures.  “People won’t remember what you said or did, as much as they will remember how you made them feel.”
 Join me in my quest to inspire more teachers to redefine their lessons and experiences by becoming bloggers. If we model blogging as teachers, students will soon see the value. Writing will improve, and students in 1:1 programs will have a one more way to create with their devices, aside from finding information on the web. The call to action? However you found this post, please share it with your network so that I can show Jon the power of blogging, and developing a PLN.

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